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Preschool Indoor Playground 

Playground will continue running until further notice!

Tuesdays – 12:45-2:00pm

No need for monkey bars, slides, wood chips, and sand – we have trampolines, balance beams, bars, springboards, and so many soft mats to land on!

We also set up our bounce house for every indoor playground!

  Come PLAY with us! 


 No Playground when the gym is closed.

Closed 7/4/17

$2 for members, $3 for non-members.

Ages: Walking to Age 8

Parents – wear comfy clothing and be prepared to take off your shoes because you will be CLOSELY supervising your children during this open gym. *No parents allowed on any of the equipment, in the bounce house, or on the Tumbl Trak.

*We reserve the right to cancel Indoor Playground.

Check the “Latest Update” on www.flexgymnastics.com or facebook.com/flexgymnastics for cancellations.

Fle-X-men Program


NinjaMaleIntroducing a




For Boys Ages 6-12

Levels and age separations will be determined soon. Classes will begin September, 2016.

More information will become available throughout the summer.

Boys in this class will learn how to run, jump, climb, listen, focus, and flip. They will work on sweet ninja-style moves and race in obstacle courses.

*Boys younger than 6 are encouraged to enroll in our Preschool or KinderGym classes which are co-ed.

Olympic Boom!

The Olympics are coming!

Classes will fill up this fall due to the excitement of the Olympics.

To ensure a spot this fall, we encourage gymnasts to enroll by August 1st.

In 2012 we had an increase of almost 100 students immediately following the Olympics.


*Saturday classes will return August 13th. Please contact us in advance to secure a Saturday spot.

Winter Classes

Flex Brrr, it’s cold outside!

Time to enroll in an indoor activity!

We have classes for children who are 18 months to 18 years.

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